3 Top Features of Modern Hearing Aids

These aren’t your dad’s hearing devices! If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss but have avoided seeing a hearing aid specialist because of what hearing aids once were, you may want to reconsider. Today’s modern hearing aids are discreet, powerful and come complete with an impressive array of features to help users with hearing loss thrive in today’s busy and noisy world.
The days of bulky analog hearing aids, with only a microphone, amplifier and speaker, are gone. Also gone is much of the frustration that hearing problems can cause for those affected, their family and friends. The new age of sleeker, more personalized and technology-ready hearing devices is here, and people are taking notice.
The first step is to work closely with your audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist to determine your personalized needs. It’s important to discuss your diagnosis as well as your overall lifestyle to determine how a hearing device can help and what the best hearing aid features are for you and your needs. Here are just a few of the newest features you may want to add to your wish list:
Wireless Capabilities
So much of our day now relies on wireless technology. This technology makes everything from talking on the phone to watching TV more seamless, so why not also hearing? Two hearing aids can now function as one system thanks to wireless technology. Sound processing is synchronized and more like the natural function of ears resulting in improved sound quality.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Similar to wireless technology, our world is ever more connected. The newest hearing aids are often able to connect to outside devices thanks to Bluetooth and a wireless streaming device. Phones, tablets, computers, televisions and even microphones can now often be accessed via Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a simple as wearing a device to transmit the sound, in stereo and with minimized noise interference, to your hearing aids.
Tinnitus Maskers
For those with tinnitus, that is ears ringing; this feature can be an important one to improve hearing. Hearing aids with this feature can create a sound that reduces the ringing sound for the wearer. This low-level background noise helps to cancel out the tinnitus.
Data Logs
When it comes to improving the hearing experience, one of the most powerful tools you and your hearing aid specialist or audiologist can have is data. Data logging is a powerful new feature in many hearing aids. This tool records key information about the wearer’s hearing aid use such as time of use, volume adjustments, and background noise. This data can then be used to adjust and improve hearing aids for clearer sound and more seamless use.
Noise Reduction
Many of today’s hearing aids also come with sophisticated technology that can help reduce background noise while increasing the volume of speech. This feature can improve communication and reduce frustration for everyone in a conversation.
Hearing devices have come a long way since the first analog versions hit the market and they continue to rapidly improve with more and more features to make hearing with hearing loss easier and more enjoyable in every instance.


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