Philanthropic & Charity Work

After a long history of informal community giving, Florida Medical Clinic formally organized the Foundation of Caring in 2005.
The Foundation raises funds and recruits volunteers solely for the benefit of the community. “We have built this Foundation as an opportunity to reach beyond our walls to the people and the families that live in our neighborhoods” states Sheri Schwab, Foundation of Caring Founder.
The Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring recruits employees, physicians, administrators, and their friends, families and business associates to get involved via volunteering, donating, participating in group events and spreading the word to others.
The Clinic and the Foundation recognize the importance of being active in the community. The Foundation began by helping only an initial 5 local non-profit organizations, but now has assisted over 90 in Pasco and Hillsborough counties. As a health care leader in these communities, Florida Medical Clinic has set an example for others to follow, using its influence and position to challenge other local corporations and individuals to invest more in those less fortunate.

Joe Delatorre, Florida Medical Clinic CEO states, “We are dedicated to giving back. This Foundation was created to initiate continued involvement in the community and to genuinely make a difference to improve people’s lives.”