Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Right for You?

Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and that includes the technology in hearing aids. Gone are the days of bulky and one-trick analog hearing aids, as important as they were. Today’s hearing aids are like miniature computers with a sleek design and personalized programming and functions that make hearing with hearing loss more natural and intuitive than ever before.
Much of that functionality these days is thanks to a little thing called Bluetooth.
What is Bluetooth
While you’re probably familiar with the name, you may not know exactly what this technology is. Bluetooth was first invented in 1994 by Dr. Jaap Haartsen of Ericsson before being brought to life by a group of technology companies. It is “a standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.” That is, it’s a way to transfer data quickly, securely, and seamlessly from one device to another. That could be computers, phones, tablets, headphones, and now even hearing aids.
Bluetooth-enabled features and benefits
Hearing healthcare providers and hearing aid users are finding that the variety of Bluetooth-enabled features now available in hearing aids creates seamlessness and ease-of-use in daily life. From television to talking on the phone, hearing loss can take a back seat.

  • Phone connectivity – With Bluetooth, hearing aids can be paired directly to your smartphone to stay better connected with friends and family. While in the past you may have struggled to hear phone conversations with hearing loss, these hearing aids can stream the conversation directly into your hearing aid to remove any outside interference and noise.
  • Television – Watch your favorite shows in all their cinematic glory when you pair your hearing aid to your smart TV. Control your volume and sound experience while enjoying the show.
  • Computers and tablets – Not only can Bluetooth hearing aids connect to devices like this, but Apple has made it even easier with Made-for-iPhone technology. Hearing aids with this technology pair quickly and seamlessly with Apple devices for the highest level of sound and personalization.
  • Earbuds or headphones – Before Bluetooth, you might have to choose between wearing your hearing aids and using earbuds or headphones. Thanks to this technology, now you can use your hearing aids as earbuds, streaming music directly to your hearing aid as you walk, run, or work.

Bluetooth has been a game-changer for hearing aids!
Benefits of Bluetooth
While Bluetooth technology can help you connect to a wide variety of devices, the benefits of it go beyond just that. Bluetooth gives you more personalized control over your hearing than ever before. Because sound is transmitted directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can control how you hear sound from any device. Whether that’s the overall volume or streaming to just one hearing aid instead of both, wearing these hearing aids offers a more personalized experience that others may not.
This streaming technology also allows you to connect to multiple devices at one time. That means when you’re working on your computer or watching a TV show, you can also be notified of and take a phone call without missing a beat.
If you’re looking for a little more control over your listening experience and more seamless integration of today’s technology in your life, talk to your hearing healthcare provider about Bluetooth hearing aids and how they may work for you.


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