Great Gift Ideas for the Hearing Impaired

The holiday season is here and the time for gift buying is in full gear. As you scramble to purchase all the gifts on your list, don’t forget your family and friends who may have trouble hearing. The selection of gifts for the hearing impaired is more extensive than ever with high-tech devices, children’s gifts, and even wearable presents! So as you fill out your naughty or nice list this year, take a look at a few of these unique items for the hearing impaired.


Without question, the hottest gift for the hearing impaired this year is hearables. These high-tech devices go directly in your ear to help you hear better, but they also do much more. Features of hearables include vital sign monitoring, activity tracking, and personal biometric identification. For those who are hearing impaired, extra features include:

  • Invisibility which decreases the stigma of wearing a hearing aid
  • Augmented hearing to improve hearing above normal levels
  • Smart capability for synching your hearables to your iPhone
  • Layered listening to filter out or enhance specific sounds

Wifi Digital Doorbell

This handy device has features perfect for the hearing impaired. The Skybell digital doorbell removes the worry of not hearing a doorbell. The device sends an alert to your phone. It has a video feature that allows you to lipread or sign with the person at the door without having to leave your comfortable chair. This alerting device is fantastic for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

This nifty piece of technology will allow your hearing-impaired loved one to wake up with a colored sunrise simulation. Gradually wake up to natural light instead of an obnoxious buzzer.

TV Listening Device

For the hearing impaired, understanding television can be an unpleasant experience. These devices can make the television listening experience a pleasant one. A TV listening device is a wireless headphone device that allows a wearer to adjust the television volume independently of what others may hear in the room. There is a wide variety of devices available.

Smart Jewelry

This jewelry will vibrate and flash a light when the wearer receives a phone call, message, or email. It is a highly elegant gift that serves the practical purpose of preventing a wearer from missing urgent calls and messages.

Gifts for Children

Hearing Device Decorations

Hearing device decorations are a great way to add color and fun to hearing aids and cochlear implants.


Entertaining books are a great way to ease the transition of wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants for children. A few top titles include:

  • El Deafo
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • I am The Boss of My Hearing Loss
  • Cosmo gets an Ear
  • Rivers’ Walk

American Girl Doll with Hearing Aids

You can personalize your doll with a set of hearing aids. The doll hospital staff will expertly fit your doll with a pair, or you can purchase a doll with a hearing aid already in place.
Complete your holiday shopping with great gifts for the hearing impaired. Happy holidays!


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