New Insights on Old Hearing Aid Myths

Barbara Streisand once said that “Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.” Sadly, believing myths surrounding the use of hearing aids wastes time and prevents not only progression but also impedes the quality of life for those with hearing disorders. If you are experiencing a hearing loss and are avoiding a hearing aid consultation due to common myths you are hearing, here are a few of the most common hearing aid myths and the truth surrounding them.

Hearing aid Myths

Myth: Hearing Aids can Restore or Heal Hearing to Normal Levels

Fact: Hearing aids do not restore hearing to normal levels nor do they cure a hearing loss. They can improve communication, hearing and listening abilities, and improve your quality of life.

Myth: Hearing Aids Will Destroy Residual Hearing

Fact: Hearing aids do not kill your residual hearing. The devices are designed to amplify sound so individuals with a hearing impairment can hear better.

Myth: Hearing Aids are Useless for Particular Types of Hearing Loss

Fact: A hearing aid can benefit anyone with a hearing impairment be it a mild or severe loss. It is important to realize that hearing aids are not just for those with severe hearing loss.

Myth: A Hearing Loss Only Affects the Elderly

Fact: Data provided by the Better Hearing Institute suggests that the majority of people with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Hearing loss challenges individuals of all ages and affects education, social interactions, and personal safety.

Myth: Hearing Aids are Noticeable and Uncomfortable

Fact: Actually, hearing aids are small and weigh a few ounces. Technology continues to improve the design of hearing devices making them discreet and available in a wide variety of styles for comfort. There are even models that are completely invisible. An untreated hearing loss is more noticeable than a modern hearing aid.

More Myths

Myth: Hearing Aids are too Expensive

Fact: The degree of hearing loss and an individual’s lifestyle influence the price of hearing aids. If you are using hearing aids to increase the volume of the telephone or television, you will need fewer features and the hearing aid will cost less. Many hearing aid specialists offer financing programs to make hearing aids more affordable for everyone. Product research will show you that you can find hearing aids that are affordable no matter what your budget allows.

Myth: Everything Sounds too Loud From a Hearing aid

Fact: A hearing aid is an amplifier. There was a time when it was necessary to increase the power of a hearing aid to hear sounds such as soft speech which would make a normal speaking voice too loud. Today, hearing aids automatically adjust and only provide the correct amount of amplification for the input. Most modern hearing aids do not even include a volume control.

Know the Truth

Believing myths can be harmful. It is important to know the truth. Hearing aid technology has vastly improved the design and appearance of hearing aids. Although a hearing aid will not restore hearing to a reasonable level nor cure a hearing loss, it will dramatically improve communication and hearing ability. So stop listening to the myths, do your research, get a proper fitting with an audiologist, and enjoy all of the sounds you might be missing.


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