Hearing Aid Fittings

Every pair of hearing aids we fit to our patients is adjusted with accuracy by our audiologists to meet your precise hearing needs. Hearing aids work extremely well when fitted and adjusted properly. The left and right hearing aids will probably not fit exactly the same and they probably won’t sound exactly the same. Nonetheless, hearing aids should be comfortable with respect to physical fit and sound quality. Discovering you have a hearing loss and adjusting to hearing aids can be overwhelming. Most people do not simply lose their hearing overnight. Rather, their hearing loss gradually develops over several years. In the meantime, you forget what sounds are like. The same is true for learning to hear with a hearing aid. Simply placing the aids in your ears will not instantly eliminate the hearing loss. It takes commitment, determination and patience to successfully adjust to hearing aids. Don’t get discouraged. For people with long-term untreated hearing loss, sounds heard through a hearing aid may be unfamiliar since they haven’t been able to hear them in a while. It takes time to become accustomed to all these new sounds. Talk to your Florida Medical Clinic Audiologist about any concerns or questions. If something doesn’t sound right, or listening is not comfortable, let her know so she can make programming adjustments to improve the sound quality. Also discuss any problems with fit and/or comfort of the aids as soon as possible.

Be persistent. Wear your hearing aids as much as possible. It takes time to adjust to the new sounds you are hearing, as well as the sensation of something in your ear. Take a break when you need to, but put the aids back in your ears as soon as you are ready. Try to increase the amount of time you wear your hearing aids each day. Be realistic. Don’t expect to hear every sound clearly from the moment you put your hearing aids on. It takes time to learn to hear again, especially if your loss has been uncorrected for many years. Studies show it can take as many as six months for your brain to fully “accept” the new sound, but many report finding comfort with them well before then. Either way, your Florida Medical Clinic Audiologist will be with you every step of the way.


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